Patient organisation


The SPVG is a patient organization, which advocates in all of Switzerland for people with psoriasis (psoriasis) and vitiligo (white spot disease) in many ways. Patients, their families and those interested in our information, discussions and activities surrounding this disease.


German language dermatology associations and societies


The purpose of the network is to guarantee psoriasis therapy in line with guidelines and according to the most up to date scientific knowledge at the highest level by doctors in specialist dermatology practices.


The SGDV serves to promote the specialist subject of Dermatology and Venerology, and the exchange of scientific and practical experiences. It supports the areas of continuous professional development and training, and it also safeguards professional interests.


The German Dermatology Association (DDG) is the scientific expert association of German language dermatologists. The DDG was formed after a first preparatory meeting in 1888 in Cologne with an official meeting 1889 at the Karls-Universität [Karls University] in Prague. Today the DDG is based in the centre of Berlin, at the Robert-Koch-Platz 7, in the building of the Kaiserin-Friedrich-Stiftung [Kaiserin-Friedrich Foundation], the oldest medical centre in Germany.


The Austrian Society for Dermatology and Venerology (ÖGDV) has set as its aim the promotion of  scientific development and practical implementation of the specialist areas of skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, including the special disciplines. The most important specialised disciplines are allergology, angiology, phlebology, dermatohistopathology, immunodermatology, dermatological genetics, surgical dermatology, dermatological oncology, proctology, dermatological cosmetology, photobiology, dermatological laser- and radiotherapy, dermatological laboratory diagnostics, dermatological microbiology, sexually transmitted diseases, psychosomatic dermatology, environmental medicine and the peer review system as well as preventative healthcare and rehabilitation in the entire area of dermatology.


World psoriasis day


On this date, patients and dermatologists across the world appeal to the public, to highlight persistent prejudices and to promote improved medical care.


Psoriasis register


The long-term study is intended to generate valid data for the first time for Switzerland on the effectiveness and safety of the dermatological biologics and systemic therapy, which document the care situation over many years, and based on which it will be possible to investigate, whether healthcare is implemented in accordance with the guidelines. Moreover, it gathers data in respect of the economic framework conditions/costs and on the patients' quality of life.


PsoBest is the German psoriasis register and the largest dermatology register project in Germany to date. It records data of patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, who have been prescribed a biologic or systemic therapeutic agent for the first time.