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Patients who suffer from psoriasis often feel inhibited in daily life, both personally and professionally. For example, they avoid skin-baring clothing, feel inhibited when doing sport such as swimming and avoid physical contact such as hand-shaking and embracing.


Using the slogan, “See your dermatologist. Don’t let untreated psoriasis ruin your life.” The aim is to encourage people suffering from psoriasis to talk to someone who can help them – their dermatologist.

This information website is hosted by the competence network of practising dermatologists, Switzerland (DermaNet).

The psori.ch website is in two parts: one part contains general information provided by Novartis as part of a psoriasis global awareness campaign; the other part provides medical information.

We wish to thank our sponsor, Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG for its support. Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG had no influence whatsoever on the medical part.

The sections on medical terminology and treatment of psoriasis were written by the team of Prof. Alexander Navarini, Department of Dermatology, University Hospital Basel.


Discover why, preferably today, you should see your dermatologist about your psoriasis.

What is psoriasis?

It is a common, inflammatory skin disorder

Psoriasis is a chronic-inflammatory disease, which is characterised by the formation of typical plaques (scales) on the skin.

Specialist medical terminology

Specialist terminology made simple

The most common specialist terms that are used in relation to psoriasis.

Help and treatments

Find solutions for your illness

Find out more about the treatment options that your dermatologist has available for the treatment of your psoriasis.

Do you know your scores?

Record your perceived quality of life

There are a series of standardised questionnaires available to determine your quality of life. The DLQI (Dermatology Life Quality Index) is a widely used tool

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Ask your dermatologist now! (coming soon)

Get advice from a dermatologist (coming soon)

Ask a question and send a picture of your disease, and receive an immediate professional response.

How many people are affected by psoriasis?

Psoriasis in numbers

Psoriasis affects around two percent of the population worldwide — that is around 125 Million people.

Are you suffering from intense itching and/or plaques?

Who can help you?

Get advice and treatment from psoriasis experts in your area!

Tips for the discussion with your dermatologist

If you talk to your dermatologist

For many people even the thought of a discussion with their dermatologist induces anxiety. Remember that only the sufferer themselves can report how the psoriasis affects their life and their feelings.

Talk about psoriasis

As a result of therapeutic advances in dermatology there are more treatment options available than ever before for psoriasis sufferers.

Due to psoriasis research and the associated improvements, physicians expect better successful treatment outcomes for their patients. Many psoriasis patients confirm that their quality of life has been significantly improved by effective treatment. Isn't it about time for you to regain all of the things that you miss in your life?

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